Friday, 30 April 2010

Wiltshire members of the CEP campaign in Salisbury

Photo: Chris Green talking to a student about tuition fees

On Saturday 24th April 2010 members of the Wiltshire Branch met outside the library in Salisbury.
The weather was kind and the public were intersted in our message, most agreeing that England should have a parliament of its own.
We also discussed the democratic deficit with the Green Party candidate Nick Startin and Independent candidate Arthur Pendragon both of whom were broadly in favour of an English parliament.
On learning that the Labour candidate Tom Gann was campaigning in the market square nearby we took it in turns to go and ask him questions. The outcome was that he believes that England should be divided into regions without a referendum asking if this is what the people of England as a whole actually want.
Our apologies go to the remaining prospective parliamentary candidates who missed out on our campaigning.