Saturday, 24 January 2009

There is more to the reduction in the number of MPs than money!

David Cameron has proposed to reduce the number of MPs in the UK parliament by 60. Everyone seems to have pounced on the monetary savings this would make and how popular this move would be with the public.

To me there is much, much more to this proposal than money and I agree with John Leonard who writes "It is this diminishing of our democracy that is my main objection against any such proposals. Such proposals are anti-democratic.What David Cameron and Nick Clegg, more extremely before him, have proposed is the reduction of the nation’s national democratically elected representation whilst retaining the same amount, if not more power in the Conservatives' case (with the speculative repatriation of powers from Europe), of power at the highest level. Such a distillation of power by nature encourages Parliamentary elitism, encourages further distancing of the representatives from the electorate and dilutes the voters’ democratic influence. In short, it is political centralism and furthermore can be perceived as serving only the major political parties and not the electorate".

It is my own understanding, that because the number of Scottish seats was reduced to coerce the UK Parliament into agreeing to the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, there is to be no reduction in Scottish MPs but 10 seats are to go in Wales and the remaining 50 seats are to go in England. England, already in democratic deficit when compared to the other UK countries with their own assembly or parliament, is it would appear, yet again to lose out in the democracy stakes.

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