Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Fairness and opportunity for everyone

In the newsletter to Labour supporters sent by Alistair Darling after today's budget this slogan was included:-

Labour's choice: Fairness and opportunity for everyone in Britain to secure a strong, sustainable future.

I guess nobody has told him that devolution has led to gross inequality for those of us living in England then.

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WessexMan said...

you know the British card,has been the joker in the pack,for a long time,& it has been used time & time again,by Politicians representing Scotland ,Wales ,& Northern Ireland,all to there advantage,they get more than there fair share! While England is absolutly stuffed in all directions,while our Politicians,do little to help there people.The Party line is towed to the Point of a terrible Discrimination,I can only hope there will be severe repercussions Politicly to those who have prolonged this blatant injustice the People of England.Oh how i detest This British trap,we are in ! The trouble is so many are not aware of what is happening..History Books,will make depressing reading,in years to come.