Tuesday, 26 February 2008

EDM 1037

It is interesting to note that 52 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion objecting to the reporting of Nick Robinson of the BBC.

This is just 3 more than signed EDM 670, EDM 266 and EDM 1319 combined, all of which relate to English governance and identity.

Perhaps there is some irony in the fact that 6 of the MPs who signed EDM 1037 are from constiuencies in Scotland

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WessexMan said...

Until this ludicrous situation is sorted,England will gradually be denied every avenue of democracy.The trouble is no prominent MP/Politician will take up the England's cause.It is all to cushy. Parliament needs a influx of independent MPs to flush out the non committed.Someone fresh & keen to serve the people,to Govern & serve the people of England!